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In this Blog, we will drive you to understand the concept of “Deep Link Directory submission” and we have curated a list of top deep link submission sites for you where you can explore and use them. Furthermore, you will get to know the benefits and how to use the deep link directory submission sites. So, let’s dive in and dig deeper.

Deep link directory submission sites are places where marketers can publish deep connections to specific websites and web pages. These links increase customer experience and interaction with numerous services. Brands can leverage such tools to reduce customer’s journeys to specific applications or websites, enhance retention, discoverability, and conversions.

Deep link submission sites let you submit internal pages with unique titles and descriptions. Established deep link directories provide three deep links to your website, allowing you to promote numerous web pages with a single submission.


They operate on the basis of a direct connection to the client’s device and can navigate him to a specific content or position within the app. However, if the app is not downloaded on the phone when the link is clicked, an error message will appear. Deep links without the app will open the app that is installed.

For example: A Food brand can add an essential deep linking directing consumers to a restaurant offers page efficiently.

Deferred deep linking is a marketing tactic that reaches out to potential consumers via external digital channels and safely directs them to app content and promotions. Deep linking eliminates the need for users to search through an app to discover the content they need; instead, after downloading and launching the app, users are driven to the precise content page associated with the link.

For example, if the mobile application is not already installed on the phone, an invitation will appear to download it from the Google Play. After installation and opening, the client may return to the contents.

These links function similarly to basic and deferred deep links, with the exception that they not only pass user data to an app during installation, allowing users to be correctly redirected to where they intend to land within an app, but also record information about the user, such as who they are, where they were referred from, who referred them, and which promotion code they want to apply to their order.

There are many advantages in deep link submission directories,

  •  By submitting deep links to relevant directories, you can increase the chances of attracting visitors who are already interested in what you offer. 
  • You could rise above search engines, which is quite important for generating organic visitors. Firstly, submitting connections to high-quality directories allows them to link back to your deep-linked pages.
  • Deep connections lead to a stronger internal linking structure on your website. This allows for more effective distribution of page authority (SEO value) across your site, potentially enhancing the ranking of deep-linked pages.
  • While the value of directory backlinks has changed, obtaining quality deep connections from trustworthy directories will still boost your backlink profile.
  • Deep links from directories can help your specialized content reach a larger audience. This exposure not only directs traffic from the directory, but it also improves brand visibility and recognition.
  • Firstly, ensure that the chosen directory is not malicious or bad, because it might hurt your website reputation.
  • Add your websites under the relevant category.
  • Moreover, In title and description add the related keywords to your website.
  • You must include your name and email address for reference.
  • Importantly, Never add more than one site in one submission directory, which might be considered as spam.
  • Check and go through the attention note before submission of the website


S.NoDeep Link Directory Submission websitesTypeDR
01http://1webdirectory.co.uk/Free / Paid33
02http://24directory.com.ar/Free / Paid33
03http://652186.com/Free / Paid31
04http://652186.neobacklinks.net/Free / Paid28
05http://80245.com/Free / Paid29
06http://addnewlink.com.ar/Free / Paid26
07http://add-url.in/Free / Paid26
08http://asia.linksdirectory.info/Free / Paid28
09http://azurtrading.com/Free / Paid29
10http://backlinkpower.com.ar/Free / Paid30

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